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We build customized white labelled wallets
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Cutting edge technology

ChainBytes has created and deployed hundreds of Blockchain software solutions ranging from tokenisation to creating Smart Contracts and custom build wallets solution for bitcoin as well as for various alt-coins. We offer custom build IOS, Android and Windows wallets for alt-coins or we can develop bitcoin wallet for your company which you can list in app stores.

Secure & Powerful

An award winning company, ChainBytes has developed several bitcoin and other cryptocurency wallets that are being used across platforms by thousands of users. Our wallets have been developed by expert developers who understand that security is essential and have stood the test of time.

Detailed Reporting

We build wallets as per specific needs of your company, and you can choose from variety of reports we can build into your wallet app, this way you can offer the most complete solution to your clients. Well designed reports provide clarity to operations and attract more users.


We design wallets with your customers in mind. Our wallets have proven track record as one of the most stable wallets on the market, and simpler wallets require little to none maintenance.

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Stand-alone Wallet app

Designed to work without any server, ChainBytes wallet ensures that you are in control of your private keys, import / expert of private keys and backup phrases which helps you recover balances and transaction history.


Chainbytes uses SPV mode to connect to the Bitcoin network. Backed by AES hardware encryption, keychain, app sandboxing and code signatures, our wallet is created with security in mind.


Send and receive bitcoin payments
One button payments to bitcoin-accepting merchants and websites Store your bitcoin using built-in hardware encryption Recovery phrase enables you to recover funds when your device is lost or broken.


ChainBytes wallet connects directly to the bitcoin network. This means that there are no servers. Even if your phone is lost, damaged or stolen, you can easily recover your funds using your personal recovery phrase.

Let’s customize your wallet

Clean, simple and intuitive wallet that anyone can use.




We can apply your own company branding to the wallet. We will develop a wallet especially for your brand and you may choose which cryptocurrency would you like to support, or would you like to have a wallet that supports multi currencies? That’s, too not a problem.  Our development team will work with you to create the best solution.


There are no limits to add-on’s we can include in your wallet, and all with the goal to differentiate you and your company and on the market. And a bitcoin ATM locator will make your wallet irreplaceable for your customers.


We can develop wallet for any cryptocurrency on the market, regardless did you develop a new alt-coin and are looking for a mobile or desktop wallet solutions, or are you a company looking to add to portfolio a bitcoin wallet app, contact us and our team will work with you on creating specific wallet as per your needs. Or you may order one of our whitelabeled solutions and have the wallet ready for you in less then a week.

What are they saying?





This is the wallet I’ve been looking for. Simple, elegant UI and desaigned to be direct client so it’s more secure. Thanks.





I’m travelling, so I needed to transfer some bitcoin off paper. I was psyching myself to go through the tedious sweeping and transfer process in order to send to an online wallet. Then I remembered Chainbytes has a feature that allows direct transfer from paper wallets. Oh happy days!

All I had to do was point and shoot at private keys QR codes. It read how much was in the wallet and asked if I’d like to transfer the btc to wallet.

The default fee is set low, and this way I only had one fee, did not have to hand enter anything, and was done quickly

Plus one hundred.





Really cool wallet, simple to use, clean cute interface.

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